“PRĄD | DRIVE” project is an initiative to bring Polish musical culture into the Netherlands in an interesting and approachable way. It is based on experimenting with and exploring pieces of traditional polish music and it’s musical structures and creating a new musical experience with five voices, a string trio, grand piano and drums.

"I believe the most interesting thing today in arts is synthesis, creative connection. Living in Europe nowadays gives us the beautiful opportunity to combine forms and traditions from very distant sources. I want to share the intensity, the passion, the drive that I feel in my native music with musicians and audience here, give them a piece of mountains and rivers I grew up around."

"The stillness I experienced that evening.. I will probably carry it with me for a long time. 
I can let myself be immersed in it and be back in that moment that felt like infinity. 
So much gentle, yet unapologetic power. 
It was overwhelming, soothing, unavoidable, beyond thoughts. "
-Yonga Sun