See me in color, but paint me all black


Sofinka's debut album 'See me in color, but paint m all black'  is a colourful exploration of vulnerably looking at all parts of herself without judgement. 

"Traveling within different styles, but never limited by any genre, she created her own musical signature, beautifully sung, nicely phrased, rhytmically free, very well performed in the lead parts as well as in backing vocals. The album has a clear and simple production and instrumentation that wonderfully supports the compositions and in places brings it to ‘the next level’ of excitement."

"Making this album was like reconnecting with a kid in me I've been suppressing for years. I felt a connection to the passionate little girl like never before, almost like by allowing myself to create with joy and excitement I got to hug he child in me. This album is about honesty in intimately sharing all parts of me. Painting my colourful story with waves of voices and harmonies. Holding so much longing balanced by pure fun and smiles. It's a love letter to who I truly am, putting who I wanted to be to rest."